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Here at the Waffling Brothers, we like to spread the love. As such, we thought we’d share a list of great pages made by our friends.

Double You Tee Eff

A blog written and maintained by long term friend of both Jay and DjStump: Ben Borthwick. He’s written for Official Xbox Magazine, Official Playstation Magazine, USGamer, Eurogamer, PC Gamer and a bunch of others.

His blog goes all the way back to January 2005.

That’s a LOT of blog posts!

He’s extremely prolific and writes almost exclusively about video games. You should definitely check his blog out, and maybe even hire him to write for you.

He really is that good.


Matt has an amazingly interesting YouTube channel where he shows off some of the more rare features and easter eggs from Video Games.

Sometimes these take the form of Press Only or limited release demonstration items that he has in his collection (E3 specific demo discs, press kits, etc.) and sometimes these are eater eggs within the games themselves.

He has a lot of really cool stuff from the Fifth Generation of video game consoles onwards. It’s definitely worth taking a look at his channel.


Emma is a fantastic artist, and you can tell that a lot of her influences are Japanese character art from video game and anime.

Obviously she sin’t just influenced by Manga kas and Japanese video game designers.

She also runs a  Koudelka and Shadow Hearts fan site which is definitely worth a look, if only for the extreme amount of detail that it contains.

Emma definitely knows her stuff.


Pokécharms is more than just a Pokémon fan site, it’s a large scale community. It’s part Pokémon news and opinion blog, part forum, part creative community; all great. It’s also the home of the Pokémon Trainer Card Maker.

It’s been around since 2003, and has hundreds of active users from all over the planet. If you’re interested in Pokémon

Or seeing what happens when creative folks get together.

then we’d recommend that you check it out.

Jamie’s Blog

A little bit of self promotion here from Jay.

To be fair, he’s one of the two main content creators here, so he can get away with it.

Jay hasn’t been blogging as long as Ben, having only been blogging since 2010. Unlike Ben, Jay’s blog isn’t focussed on one topic. He tends to write about almost anything that takes his fancy.

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