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Surprise Waluigi Strikes Again

Squidge, The B, and myself talk our usual bought of nonsense. But this time, Waluigi makes a surprise return, we discuss the silent Waffler Ik, and The B tries to convince Squidge to try a cooking simluator.

Hungry Not Hungry Horace – With G

We continue our discussion with G, Squidge comes up with a new console, we talk about 80s action movies which NEED video game rebooting, Mrs. Doubtfire the video game, and a minor controversy with G and a someone at Microsoft

The Cupboard of Shame – With G

We finally go Squidge to agree to add some games to the Cupboard of Shame, and G came along for the ride.

Old and New Stomping Grounds – With G

G returns to talk Post-E3, suspicious looking packages, Keanu Reeves, and The cupboard of shame