Author: Jay

Jamie is one of the Waffling Taylors. He spends a lot of time blogging about things sometimes related to programming and sometimes not.

Surprise Waluigi Strikes Again

Squidge, The B, and myself talk our usual bought of nonsense. But this time, Waluigi makes a surprise return, we discuss the silent Waffler Ik, and The B tries to convince Squidge to try a cooking simluator.

Hungry Not Hungry Horace – With G

We continue our discussion with G, Squidge comes up with a new console, we talk about 80s action movies which NEED video game rebooting, Mrs. Doubtfire the video game, and a minor controversy with G and a someone at Microsoft

The Cupboard of Shame – With G

We finally go Squidge to agree to add some games to the Cupboard of Shame, and G came along for the ride.

Old and New Stomping Grounds – With G

G returns to talk Post-E3, suspicious looking packages, Keanu Reeves, and The cupboard of shame