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seriously, just look at that art work. Just look at it.

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Content Warning

At 6 minutes and 32 seconds, G uses this phrase:

and we’re in the middle getting fisted by both of them, essentially

which isn’t particularly PG, so listeners with little ones please beware.

Because we talk about Diablo, which is a game that deals with monstrous horrors from the great beyondTM, I’d also recommend caution on this episode’s content. Especially with G saying

gibbing your opponents into bloody chucks

which, whilst not necessarily sweary, it’s close enough to being so.

Just before the first break (at 12 minutes), we get “awfully complementy”

to quote G

and I retort with something rude – not necessarily sweary, but I’ve bleeped it because it sounded funnier to me that way.

At 27:24 there’s a double entendre which sounds quite rude, too.


We start this week’s episode with a warning about whether Squidge is a Haitian Loa or not

I’m pretty sure that he’s not one, though

We’ve moved on from our talk with G about The Cupboard of Shame

which is so much better than a bucket of legacy, or whatever it was that Arcade Attack came up with

and have moved onto the more important topic at hand: what are we all looking forward to being released in the Fall season.

Squidge starts off with a mention of Borderlands 3

which might just supplant Diablo 3 for his most popular grindy, farmy game

which brings us to a conversation about GoG releasing DLC for the first Diablo game. Whilst it was never an official mod, it’s now been packaged with the first game when sold on GoG. Strangely enough, even though both Squidge and G are massive fans of Diablo, neither have played Hellfire. We’ll have to check in with them in the next few episodes and see whether they’ve played it.

I then challenge both Squidge and G to convince me to play Diablo. I mean, Squidge convinced me to play Resident Evil Revelations 2 recently, so maybe he can do the same with Diablo

I guess we’ll see in the next few episodes

There’s no cow level/there is a cow level

– Squidge

Which I’m partially sold on

Do you like mildly twangy acoustic guitar? You will play Diablo

– G (#dontCallMeAudrey)


Meanwhile G and Squidge talk about a thing called kiting

these crazy kids and their street lingo, eh?

and how mutual friend Baggins used to do it all the time, leading to him being kicked from the game.

They’re all, essentially, top down clicky clicky, shoot the bad guy with the magic and collect the thing, and go back to town and give the thing to the person, right?

– Jay

I don’t think I’ve ever been more well spoken

and I give talks

Which leads us to The Secret Cow Level

which may or may not exist

and the outright denial by Blizzard that they actually exist. Also, we talk about Whimsyshire.

Naturally, because we’re talking about Diablo, we talk about the

do you guys not have phones?

thing, which I then use as a great excuse to introduce Squidge to the concept of The Peter Principle. And Squidge confuses that with something completely unrelated.

After the first break, we cover the Sega Mega Drive Mini re-release thing

which gives us our second Arcade Attack reference – for those keeping score

and how there are going to be three different packages, released in three different geo markets. I then use it to talk about “what’s the point when you can just buy a Raspberry Pi and do it yourself?”

Both Squidge and G raise some very good points about ease of use and set up, and how the mini console design aesthetics now fit really quite well with the modern living room/games room design.

Squidge also comes up with the idea for a #pcmini, which we should totally get trending. What would you want to see on a pcmini, and does it line up with what Squidge and G want?

I then bring up the debacle that was the PlayStation Classic and how it wasn’t even powerful enough to run the Playstation games that it had installed on them, and that – even though it was the same hardware as the SNES mini – the SNES mini is able to emulate PlayStation games better than the device which was purpose built to run them. Which is just a ridiculous position to be in.

But we finally get to the real reason why the Mega Drive Mini has gotten my hackles up: it’s the same 40 games from the previous “greatest hits” collections


Seriously, when are Sega going to even scratch the surface of the rest of their back catalogue? Which Squidge bogarts to talk more about the pcmini. And we’re lead back to a discussion about Diablo

welcome to the Diablo Podcast

High five for folks who can still hear when a CRT TV is switched on.

The second break leads us into a “quick fire” round

which actually went on for 1/3 of the episode

Pick one 80s action movie which never had a video game and pitch me the video game

– Jay

I start us off with a much needed video game reboot: Cobra The Video Game, which Squidge steals from me before I can announce it. You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear my totally-not-thought-up-on-the-spot dsign document for the reboot video game.

Meanwhile G offers Tango & Cash as the 80s action movie which deserves a video game reboot.

And whilst G’s offering was good, the one that Squidge made might be even better: Double Impact.

But even that wasn’t as good as G’s second offering: Big Trouble in Little China.

And then Squidge ups the stakes by mentioning Mrs. Doubtfire

side bar: fellow fans of Arcade Attack

that’s, like, three times that I’ve mentioned them so far

will notice that they had a throwaway joke of creating a Mrs. Doubtfire game in their most recent episode. I actually contacted them guys over there to point out this coincidence, and they were amazed by it, too. It just goes to show how we’re better than them on the same wavelength as them

which I title “Mrs. Doubtfire: Revenge of the Fallen” and G wonders whether we can get custom peripherals for it.

And just as we’re about the close the conversation, I’m reminded of when I mentioned G’s previous episode to Jim Bennett. I’d tweeted about how we were talking about Hungry Horace Goes Skiing

which was Multiplayer Shenanigans, by the way

and he had said that there was no such game.

Games Mentioned

  • Borderlands 3
  • Diablo (series)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sega Genesis Collection
  • Cobra
  • Rambo The Video Game
  • Hatred
  • Horace Goes Skiing
  • Mortal Kombat (series)

aka Good Old Games


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Until then,

Game on!

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