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Content Warning

There are bleeps in this episode

have we managed to put out an episode WITHOUT the need for bleeps, recently?

But more importantly, we discuss female anatomy in this episode; specifically Tifa’s boobs. We keep the conversation PG, but it’s worth knowing that going in.

At 7 minutes 40, I drop the F-Bomb.

I drop another F-Bomb at 35 minutes and 30 seconds.


Another intro performed by Squidgey, and we’re off: talking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake

post-E3 this time, as it was pre-E3 last time

Our plan was to talk through the stuff which was announced at E3 for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Which we handle pretty well, I think. We don’t talk about the things we got right, and the things we got wrong in our previous episode.

First up: the release date 03/03/2020

a few days before my birthday

Lulu mentions that Square-Enix might end up releasing a patch for FF XIV on the same day – forcing her to divide her attention between that and the FF VII Remake. Which lead me to discussing an idea I’ve had for ages: a research paper into whether there is a link between sick days and video game release dates.

Seguing lightly into taking time off of work to play video games vs taking time off to go to the pub, or flying to some foreign country. Essentially, all three of us fall into the camp of: do what ever it is that you do to relax

which is something that I wrote about for the company I work for

And that leads us onto talking about this twitter thread:

tl;dr: I installed Steam, Installed Proton, and played Ressy Evil Revelations 2. On Linux

The Lulu invents the title of the episode:

Comfy pants; video game

– Lulu

And we discuss just how big the FF VII is going to be. Seriously, two blue ray discs big. And that’s just Midgar

holy cow!

But how much extra content will they create in order to put across those two discs? Especially with the promise of 30+ hours for those two discs alone.

Perhaps the time between Cloud being saved by Zack and him arriving in Midgar could be included? We think that would be about 4 weeks because he was, essentially, a junkie

interestingly, the working title for this episode was Cloud Strife’s 30 Day Detox Plan

Then I put forward the idea of FF VII being told using the unreliable narrator technique – since the game is almost completely told from Cloud’s point of view. Or maybe it could be told from Tifa’s point of view, seeing as she clearly cares about him and bigs him up in front of her Avalanche friends.

We then talk about how they could make the collapse of the plates in Sector 7 more visceral – without being all blood and gore. Perhaps SquEnix could even have NPCs discussing the fall of the plate and the destruction of the reactor as Cloud and his friends walk through the slums.

Lets take a moment to think about how Aeris tells Cloud that she has never seen the sky.

Then Lulu prompts us to discuss Tifa’s boobs. We keep it PG, but it’s a discussion about how they

for want of a better description

are more fitting to her frame, but that she also is wearing a sports bra – something which was alluded to when it was announced that Tifa would be slightly “restricted”.

Taking a moment to one side, let’s discuss the fact that Tifa is a fighter: she attacks with her fists and feet. She’s essentially FF VII’s answer to Zell – someone who wore 3/4 length shots and a t-shirt almost exclusively in FF VIII.

We’re not going to talk boobs in the show notes, so we’ll leave that to the pod.

I think this quote from Lulu sums up out feelings on the whole matter:

Then again, I don’t care. I’m a girl, and I don’t care. It’s people like Sarkeesian who care.

– Lulu

Then we talk about Cloud and his facial hair. Apparently, if you zoom all the way into Cloud’s promo head shot, you can see the stubbly whispy hairs you get when you haven’t quite shaved properly.

Which you can see in this tweet

click to go through the original and zoom in

Which leads us to a discussion about either Cloud is still hopped up on the Mako, or maybe Tifa shaved him. Either way, it would make sense that there would be missed bits.

Lulu thinks that FF VX was a testing ground for FF VII, and I agree with her. I mean, Resident Evil 7 was clearly a testing ground for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

remember that the video for L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Don’t Be Afraid used the same engine and had hella references to Ressy 2 and 3

We also know that the FF VII Remake is getting a release on every console going – just like Skyrim – all thanks to the Unreal Engine, rather than making their own.

We then end the episode with a discussion on Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light which is a wonderful sounding Japanese drama about an estranged Father and Son who reconnect over Final Fantasy XIV.

Which may or may not lead to Squidge saying that he’ll try out FF XIV

watch this space, folks

This leads us down a short discussion on Japanese drama TV shows, with me bringing up a show called Shiori Haru.

When they get it right, they really get it right

– Jay

Lulu brings up This Is Us and how it’s quite the emotional roller-coaster, but it’s one of her favourite shows. She also mentions The Betrayal Knows My Name

or 裏切りは僕の名前を知っている – Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru in Japanese

and how she loves that show and manga, too.

Not only did I manage to get my numbers wrong

Final Fantasy XIV in place of VII

after having spent all of the previous day playing Revelations 2:

If you’ve made it this far into the show notes, go give Lulu a follow on Twitter and see what’s going on in Final Fantasy XIV land

got the number wrong in the pod, again

I then managed to insult Squidgey twice in a matter of minutes. Which isn’t necessarily a record for me.

Games Mentioned

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Sekiro
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Final Fantasy XIII (series)
  • The Last of Us
  • The Sims (series)


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Until then,

Game on!

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