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Content Warning

Squidgy’s description of Doki Doki Literature club gets a little dark. There’s talk of self harm and suicide. If these subjects could possibly affect your in a negative way, please feel free to skip that section.


In this multi-part episode, we talk to Unaffiliated JZ from the Coding Blocks podcast. He’s a long time fan, and you can hear us call him out in our very first episode

56 games in 63 minutes

We start with a little introduction to JZ and a short discussion on Fab lollies

A fab ice lolly
Image taken from https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-23363329

We also talk about some of the things which don’t make sense to us Brits (or to y’all Americans). Things like hudreds and thousands, which are called sprinkles outside of the UK.

Both JZ and Squidgy have Nintendo Switches, and we all talk about Rygar. Which brings us back to performing autopsies and throwing bodies into the river

of course, we’re talking about Graveyard Keeper again

And we talk about games which hit you in the feels

we talked about this a little with G

Then JZ finds his total spend on Steam ($ 3896) and we lament about the steam games that we’ve all bought and never played. Which drives JZ back to the Steam store. And we compare Squidgy’s total spend with JZ’s total spend.

our Steam total spends leader boardis available here

Did you know?

That there are FOUR Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball?

  • Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
  • Xtreme 2
  • Paradise
  • Xtreme 3

JZ and Squidge talk about Undertale and how difficult it is to play the game in a more pacifist way. We then talk about the possible number of ways to play the game, the number of endings, and the “best” possible way to play the game.

this game seems way complex

Which brings us all the way back to Doki Doki Literature Club, and we blow JZ’s mind while describing the amount of content in this FREE game and the amount of playthroughs required in order to completely finish the game. Not counting all of the AR content available online, too.

We then talk about Koei Tecmo’s Warriors games, and the sheer amount of over-the-top, comedic violence that they bring to the series.

Then Squidgy and JZ tell me about the horse controversy in Red Dead Revolver 2. I literally had no idea what they were talking about until Squidgy drops the wobbly bomb on me.

We then go on to talk about some of the things we discussed with the Arcade Attack guys, during the lost episode (“The Shenmue Shimmy”). Things like:

  • The Sock of Time
  • Surprise Walugi

Nintendo should definitely do the Surprise Walugi Gambit, and I’d only want a little money as credit… not much

  • Driving a forklift truck all the way to Dylan’s house

I talk a little about having recently set up emulationstation and RetroArch on my computer. Here’s a screen shot of it running on my machine:

Showing the PS2 Section of an installation of Emulationstation on my PC
I haven’t started to fill out the library fully yet, that means getting all of my PS2 games out of storage

We talk all about some of the “fun” included in the Resident Evil remake for GameCube. JZ talks to us about his first Resident Evil game and Squidgy gives JZ some recommendations on other RE games that he might like

spolier alert: he recommended Resident Evil Revelations 2

For reference, this is the critter that Squidgy calls the “PigBackPeed”.

We talk about the major issue with Skyrim: which is that very few people have the time to finish the game. Also, JZ gives us a name for the phenomenon for someone who restarts the game a lot: “Serial Character Creator”, which some a prefect description of how Chief Problems plays most western RPGs.

While describing how he creates characters, I drop the bomb on Squidgy that Lord Buckethead exists. Until I’d told him about Lord Buckethead, he had no idea that he was real. And here is the photo that I showed him during the episode

Lord Buckethead standing next to Theresa May
JZ’s description of Lord Buckethead is amazing

And JZ described Lord Buckethead in the best possible way

you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear what he has to say about it

We then talk to JZ about his thoughts on what “retro games” mean. Here’s the original tweet, for context:

Joe Zack on Twitter

My definition of #RetroGames is….complicated. Newer games like Stardew Valley and Axiom Verge count for me because they _feel_ pre-Doom :shrug: @wafflingTaylors

Unafilliated JZs Recent Games

  • World of Warcraft
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Minecraft
  • Undertale
  • Stardew Valley

Squidgy’s Recent Games

  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2
  • Diabolo 3

GaProgMan’s Games

  • Warriors Orochii 2
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Resident Evil (2002)

Games Mentioned

  • World of Warcraft
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Minecraft
  • Undertale
  • Dead Cells
  • Rygar
  • Stardew Valley
  • Dead Cells
  • Graveyard Keeper
  • Doom (2016)
  • Rage
  • Dead or Alive: Xtreme Volleyball (series)
  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2
  • Dynasty Warriors (series)
  • Samurai Warriors (series)
  • Diabolo 3
  • Warriors Orochii 4
  • Spider Man
  • Red Dead Revolver 2
  • Pokemon (series)
  • Resident Evil (series)
  • Warriors Orochii 2
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Star Fox Adventures
  • Tekken (series)
  • Divinity: Original Sin (series)
  • Dark Souls (series)

careful though. It’s still Reddit, after all

Which is what Squidgy calls the “PigBackPeed”


Links to the music used in the podcast can be found below. Definitely check them out, because they’re amazing tracks by awesome musicians.


Leave a comment in the section on this page and let us know what you liked, what you didn’t like and which games you’d like to hear us waffle on about next time.

Until then,

Game on!

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