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Content Warning

  • “arse”

There’s one use of the word “arse” at around 48 minutes

  • “wankey”

This is almost immediately followed by a use of the word “wankey”

  • F-Bomb

There’s one instance of the F-bomb at 51 minutes

  • “dickhead in a beret”

There’s a single instance of “dickhead in a beret” at 52 minutes

Show Notes

Remember last week, when we talked about Squidgey’s Picade? Well, here are some glamour shots of it:

Apparently we all developed colds between recording part one and part two of this episode. So we apologise in advance for all of the sniffles and coughs that you hear. I’ve done my best to edit the majority of them out, but a few might have snuck through.

B decided that it would be a good idea to use a new feature that had been only recently

when we recorded

been added – one which tells you how much money you have spent on Steam. To get to this feature:

  • Open Steam
  • Open “My Account”
  • Open “Data Related To My Account”
  • Open “External Funds Used”

I made a prediction about who had spent the most – I guessed that Squidegy’s total was around $2000, and he guessed that mine would be less than $100

you’ll have to listen to see whether I was right or not

but we’d be interested in whether you made a prediction and whether it was right or not. We’d also love to know whether your total was higher or lower than what you thought it was going to be.

We also find out that I have two steam accounts

I knew that I had two accounts, but it was a fun thing to bring up

that B has been on steam for over 13 years by this point, and that Squidgey has been on Steam for 10 years. Then again, we mostly buy games during the Steam sale, or via Humble Bundle.

We they move on to a question that White Mage had asked us on Twitter:

check the External Links section

What is your unpopular gaming opinion?

I lead with a mini tirade about FIFA game and how each one is essentially a minor update on the previous one – it was an easy target, for sure.

Squidgey’s upopular opinion is one which could cause some controversy and edges towards becoming a pretty dark subject, but it will be worth sticking with him until the end of this point, as we smooth it out

and I provide some stories from when I worked in video game retail

and we attempt to discuss the sticky topic around whether video games drive people to violence. Which takes us on a discussion about ratings in video games and films.

Our Unpopular Opinions

  • Mine was that you waste your money buying FIFA games

This is especially if you have the previous year’s game

  • Squidgeys was related to parents who blame video games for all of the world’s ills

It was a hard hitting conversation, and one for greater minds than ours to figure out

To hear B’s unpopular opinion, you’ll have to come back for part three of our discussion with him. In the mean time, leave us a comment or send us a tweet with your unpopular opinion in gaming.

Spoiler Break Music

We used an extra piece of music in this episode of the podcast (during the spoiler break). It’s an amazing, chilled out electronic track called “Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)” by Foniqz. The full version of the song is available at BandCamp

there’s a link in the “Music” section

Games Mentioned

  • Half Life (series)
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Counter Strike
  • FIFA (series)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (series)
  • Call of Duty (series)
  • We Happy Few
  • Manhunt
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Def Jam Vendetta
  • Mortal Kombat (series)
  • Fornite

Links of Interest

External Links of Interest


Links to the music used in the podcast can be found below. Definitely check them out, because they’re amazing tracks by awesome musicians.


Leave a comment in the section on this page and let us know what you liked, what you didn’t like and which games you’d like to hear us waffle on about next time.

Until then,

Game on!

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