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Show Notes

In this episode of the Waffling Taylors podcast, we talk with long time friend of the show

and both Squidgey and my self


G didn’t really like Fallout 4. He got it for free, but still didn’t like it. Meanwhile, Squidgey is waiting on the first Tekken game with a base building section.

G talks to us about how much he hates Ubisoft (and why), and the topic of “Updates vs Patches” comes up more than once.

We even briefly mention Squidgey’s cupboard of shame.

we’ll have to have a full and frank discussion on that in a future episode

I end up talking about Final Fantasy (again). And nearly end up losing an eye, as I drop some truth on Squidgey abouf FF X-2 – which is, essentially a “lets play dress up and sing a song” game.

G even talks us through two of this top three diabolical games.

G’s Titles

Squidgey introduces G using all of his titles, and here they are in text form, for you to enjoy:

  • Professor Nefarious Wunderbottom III
  • Dorkness
  • Lard
  • The Lard of Dorkness
  • G
  • Don’t Call Me Audrey

Content Warning

There are a two swears in this episode. I’ll list them here, with timestamps so that you can avoid them if you want to

or if you have little ones listening along

  • “Flipped his shit”

This is said at the 29 minute mark.

  • “Being a bit of a dick really”

This is said around the same time as the previous swear (around the 29 minute mark)

There’s also one very particularly dirty joke at 44 minutes and 31 seconds.

Games Mentioned

  • Hatoful Boyfriend
  • Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator
  • Panzermadels
  • Watch Dogs (series)
  • Assasin’s Creed (series)
  • Far Cry (series)
  • Hunt: Showdown
  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

G’s Top Tip! It’s pretty dark in places, but has won loads of awards

  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Metal Gear Solid 2
  • The Crew
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Tokyo Highway Challenge
  • Tokyo Highway Battle
  • Skyrim
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)


  • Streets of Rage
  • Final Fantasy (series)
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Pay Day
  • Diabolo (series)
  • Left 4 Dead (series)

External of Interest


Links to the music used in the podcast can be found below. Definitely check them out, because they’re amazing tracks by awesome musicians.


Leave a comment in the section on this page and let us know what you liked, what you didn’t like and which games you’d like to hear us waffle on about next time.

Until then,

Game on!

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