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I’m back again from the latest retro fair.

I survived. I was denied a bouncy castle but got some epic loot. Stay a while and listen to a tall tale of two guys (In the loosest term) as we fight against queues and Darth Vader himself to get the best retro loot.

Tell them about the exotic creature!

I wondered when you were going to make an appearance. So it was a warm summers day when me and…


Okay check yourself before you have an accident.

I do apologise for him. I don’t know why I am, though.

So after being dropped off way too early, getting attacked intermittently by hornets (obviously mistaking me for some kind sugar mountain), myself and Ike did what British people do best: We joined the queue.

After some other folks joined the queue, left the queue to check whether the event staff were even there and alive, then rejoined the queue, we were subject to the inevitable small children talking to people in said queue. Mostly about Fortnite and Sonic. Cute really, them not having a clue what was in store and the parents looking forward to spending some hard earned cash on memories… Like me.

… … … …

I think he is vibrating in that corner, mostly out of indigent rage probably. Better get to it methinks before he does something.

So the Lynx, I

OH YEEAAHH! Did it bite you much?

Hate to break it to you but, it’s a hand held gaming device from back in the day. Not in actual fact a living breathing creature that shares the same name. It was the Atari hand held which was named after the creature.

… … …

I may have enraged him, he’s too quiet.

After making a bee-line to the sellers past the gaming areas, myself and Ike set out to scope out hidden gems, deals, bargains and indeed games from our past in desperate need of reacquiring.

First was the traditional plushie grab: Cactor, Deadpool and a reading Chocobo were the treasures squired at this juncture.

Plushie Apocalypse Header Image
These are the plushies I bought, flanking my copy of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the SNES

There were many on offer including plushies of the original Gen 1 starter Pokemon, I was tempted but controlled myself. I had all day to browse, or so I thought.

Still nothing? … I feel bad now, however I will keep going while I can.

A few stalls after the plushie Apocalypse, there is was.

The Atari Lynx in all it’s glory. As you can see form the pictures it’s in almost perfect condition with a plethora of games

including two copies of Batman Returns

in a travel bag all shiny and waiting for a good home. It didn’t end up at a good home, it came with me.

*Maniacal laugh*

Well at first glance it was there, I actually walked by and earmarked it for purchase a bit later on. It was Ike who after 10 mins told me to backtrack and get it as it wouldn’t be there for long, so quicker then GaProgMan’s typing speed I backtracked and purchased the shining gem of a treasure.

Disclaimer, the Atari Lynx doesn’t shine or indeed fly however it does take batteries but they weren’t included.

He’s way too quiet… Let’s grab his attention.

So after a while we were flanked by two Stormtroopers, Darth Vader and the Pedator…

Who did the WHAT WHEN!

I couldn’t get a pic of the Predator because he kept disappearing so

OH COURSE he kept disapearing he’s got cloaking technology… Duh!

… … That’s probably why I didn’t see him after a certain point. Any-road, after a good look round and spending up to my set limit, I had a backpack full of goodies and an Atari Lynx. Colour me a happy chappy.

GaProgMan here – you can kind of see the Predator, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers in this first image

Oh! I know what you should have done…

Here we go, it’s either a crazy scheme or a game plan for a fight.

You should have donkey kicked one storm trooper, choke-slammed the other, dropped the nut on Darth Vader, half inched his electric meat slicer and had a fight to the death with the Predator!!!

GaProgMan here. “Half inched” is cockney rhyming slang for “to steal:

How do you know that I didn’t? How do you know I didn’t batter the crap out of the Predator? Better question, if I did start a mass brawl with the seasoned Hunter, how would I have gotten the Atari Lynx back in one piece?

Although, starting the mother of all geek furled battle royals in a sports hall sounded all types of epic fun… I had some very awesome loot that I wanted to get back to the Technodrome and on the shelf.

Maybe next time then, eh?

Oh just as a quick thing, I didn’t get chance to get pictures of the said potential combat opponents such as the Predator and Darth Vader… Sorry about that.

What was in your hauls?

I scored the Lynx with it’s games (checkout the pics above), the plushies, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (check the header image). But I also managed to get:

  • Streets of Rage for Mega Drive
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for Mega Drive

which I’ve written about before

  • The Ren & Stimpy Show presents Stimpy’s Invention for Mega Drive
  • Alien 3 for Master System
  • Biohazard 0 (Japanese Resident Evil 0) for GameCube
  • Biohazard (Japanese Resident Evil Remake) for GameCube
  • Spider for Playstation
  • Pokemon Blue (in Japanese) for GameBoy

GaProgMan here – if you ever want to practise reading Japanese, read the Japanese Pokemon instruction manuals.

And Ike managed to get:

  • A fully working, boxed Dreamcast
  • Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance 2 for Xbox
  • Jungle Strike and Desert Strike for Mega Drive
  • Infinite Space for Nintendo DS

Here’s some pics for you to drool over

Any-who thanks for reading this post, have you ever gone to a retro fair? Got any good loot?

Ever dream of starting a brawl with game characters walking round these events? Anyway I shall make a move and I shall catch all you groovy people later on.

Peace out.

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